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  • Shirow Masamune Hyperpage
    An excellent reference guide to the artist's work.
  • Ghost in the Shell: The Ins and Outs: devoted to the GiTS movies and series
  • maintained by Rik Newman.
  • HyperPolice.Net: (Duncan Law-Green) - the anthropomorphic comedy Hyper Police.
  • (Ziggy Lawson) - the bizarre cult comedy Excel Saga.
  • Star Fleet (X-Bomber) Homepage: (Andy Thomas)
  • DaBrits - a Tenchi Muyo fan site
  • 666 Protector - a Neon Genesis Evangelion fan site
  • - a Sailor Moon fan site (Mark Loveridge)
  • Konoha Village - a Naruto fan forum
  • Pioneer Petition
    A petition for Pioneer to resume licensing and distribution of anime in the UK.
  • Cartoon Network Petition
    A petition for more anime on Cartoon Network in the UK.
  • Natsuki Anime - anime and associated merchandise for sale, Yahoo Japan deputy service
  • Anime Video Games
  • 101 Uses for a Dead Totoro is the product of several diseased minds...
  • The BBFC Report for 1997 and the BBFC policy on anime: Warning: may seriously raise the blood pressure of anime fans...
  • The Pirate Anime FAQ by Joe Curzon. How to spot bootleggers and pirates.

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